Actor, Director, Professor of Acting

    MFA, AEA

  • Experience & Education

    University of Northern Iowa

    Assistant Professor of Theatre- Acting


    Movement for the Actor, Playscript Analysis, Acting, Acting Studio, Sanford Meisner Approach, Acting Styles


    Theatre Cedar Rapids

    Instructor of Adult Scene Study

    February 19th - April 2nd, 2019

    Theatre Cedar Rapids

    Instructor of Adult Acting: Foundations

    April 9th- May 14th, 2019

    Kent State University, MFA Theatre/Acting


    True Acting Institute


    Teacher Certification Program for Meisner

    East Carolina University

    BFA in Musical Theatre


    B.F.A. Musical Theatre

    2 year Sanford Meisner Approach

  • Projects/News

    Upcoming and Recent Work

    image courtesy of stageagent.com


    Jim will star as Older Jules/Father @ Dobama Theatre in Cleveland!

    June 27- July 14, 2019

    Book, Music and Lyrics by Jay Turvey and Paul Sportelli
    directed by Matthew Wright
    music directed by Matthew Dolan


    image courtesy of stageagent.com

    March 7th, 2019

    I Rise :

    A Performance piece celebrating Black History

    @ TheatreUNI conceived and choreographed by Jim Bray and Caroline Henry with direction by Jim Bray

    February 21st- March 3rd

    Jim is overseeing the Period Movement for Legacy of Light by Karen Zacarias @ Theatre UNI

    Legacy of Light runs February 21st- March 3rd and is directed by Amy S. Osatinski


    UPCOMING! Sept. 21st, 7pm @ COR 222 E. 4th Street, Waterloo, Iowa

    "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do...?"- exploring representation in American Musical Theatre

    Jim Bray and Amy Osatinski were awarded a summer fellowship from The University of Northern Iowa to create this thought provoking and challenging Cabaret centered on race, inclusion, and exactly what we should consider when casting and exploring accurate representation in Musical Theatre.

    image courtesy of stageagent.com


    Jim will direct the Pulitzer Prize winning comedy You Can't Take it with You by George S. Kauffman & Moss Hart @ TheatreUNI

    Spring, 2020


    January 2019:

    Congratulations to the cast of Next to Normal , Porthouse Theatre on their acknowledgement for "Superior Achievement in a Musical Theatre Production"!

    L-R: Jim Bray, Jonathan Swoboda, Madison Adams Hagler, Amy Fritsche, Thom Christopher Warren, Andy Donnelly, Maddie Vanderberg, not pictured: Director, Jim Weaver


    Check it out!

    Jim in the new Panther Builders TV Commercial

    December, 2018: Jim has just returned from Anne Bogart's Viewpoints Masterclass in NYC @ SITI Company

    Jim was chosen to participate in the weekend Masterclass with 24 other Theatre professionals from around the world. He is studying Viewpoints in order to integrate depth, impulsivity, and ensemble in his acting classes and directing.

  • "Play the moment, not the story."- Sanford Meisner


  • Research & Feedback

    Kent State University

    August 2015 - May 2018

    During his graduate work at Kent, Jim was the teacher of record in 3 diverse classes and assisted in 4 others; teaching a total of 12 sections by graduation in 2018. In 2017 he became certified to teach the Meisner Approach at The True Acting Institute in Salem, Oregon. Jim is also developing his pedagogical work in Michael Chekhov, Laban, Viewpoints and Lessac techniques. "In my experience, students are able to cultivate a more personalized technique guided by a well-rounded professor." - Jim Bray

    Pictured: Art of Theatre, 2017

    ~Really motivated me to think about Shakespeare and my progress. "


    ~"Jim made me want to do everything possible to learn more."


    ~ "Great encouraging instructor. Had great knowledge of the subject."


    ~"Best professor I've had in 2 years."


    ~"I really enjoyed being in your class. It was a pleasure being a part of the open and loving environment you created for us."


    ~"Jim is fantastic and very good at what he does. He had all of us very passionate about theatre."


    ~"Jim Bray has a power to turn acting into life, and his teaching method could not be more considerate or more effective. "

    Pictured: Musical Theatre III, 2016

    ~" This was my favorite class. I wish there was a part two. Jim is amazing!"


    ~"Love this class. Jim motivates me everyday to be a better version of myself."


    ~ "Class activities were VERY helpful to my acting process and growth as an actor."

    Pictured: Meisner, 2018

    ~"Simply put, Jim is the most passionate teacher I’ve ever had. He influenced my life and career in the best way and continues to do so from across the country."


    ~"The growth I saw in myself and others in one semester was tantamount to two years under another teacher, and it was work we wanted to be doing."

    Pictured: Meisner, 2018

    ~"Jim Bray is an absolute professional who is knowledgeable and open-minded. Best professor, bar none!!!!"

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  • Reviews

    River Reporter


    "Amidst all of this madcap, spooky mayhem is one of my all-time returning favorites, character actor Jim Bray (Igor) who careens through this production at breakneck speed with such talent, such verve, and such style that he elevates “Frankenstein" even higher than thought possible, given the level of talent that he is sharing the stage with. Bray is a wonder to behold ... his performance is flawless and his showmanship outstanding.”- Jonathon Charles Fox, The River Reporter

    Cleveland Stage Alliance

    33 1/3: A New Musical


    "...Bray tells us the tale from the perspective of Older Jules, and then adeptly steps into the story as Jules father. Bray is a dynamic actor. From the very beginning, his confidence and easy manner bring you directly into the play before you know it. His charm is undeniable, as is his talent. He shifts between storyteller and father personae with graceful ease. His acting completely on point, and his voice is glorious in tone, and emotional clarity. "

    - ClevelandStageAlliance.com

    Ashlynn Thompson-

    The Burr Magazine


    " Much is expected from the title character, but much more is received. Clearly a professional and experienced actor, Bray dazzles his audience with his submissiveness to his wife, his descent into madness in seeing the ghost of Banquo and his final stand as a prideful and paranoid king...Bray quickly goes from calm and celebratory, to chaotic and mad. These rapid beat changes are a test of a truly great actor. The play is worth seeing just for Bray’s performance worthy of a Tony nomination." -Ashlynn Thompson, The Burr Magazine

    Bob Abelman- The Morning Journal


    "Jim Bray as the two doctors who treat Diana adds yet another level of strong vocals and intriguing characterization to this production."- Bob Abelman, The Morning Journal



    33 1/3: A New Musical

    "One standout in the cast is Jim Bray, who is able to give two distinct performances as both older Jules and the overworked, emotionally drained widower and father who simply does not understand his son." - Mark Horning

    Bob Abelman- Cleveland Jewish News


    "…“Lady in the Long Black Dress,” in which Jim Bray, Jimmy Ferko and William Tipton perform with abandon and riotously smarmy sex appeal…are just as funny as backup dancers during head henchman Curtis’ “When I Find My Baby.” - Bob Abelman CanvasCLE

    Andy Propst, TheatreMania.com


    "Also notable are Sue Mathys and Jim Bray as Kitty Hawk and Tick Tock, who make two melodramatically funny villains."- Andy Propst, TheatreMania.com


    The Catskill Chronicle


    " Pilar Millhollen and Jim Bray were just about perfect in their major supporting roles of Aldonza / Dulcinea and The Manservant / Sancho Panza." -Barry Plaxon, The Catskill Chronicle

    The Catskill Chronicle


    "Jim Bray is a powerhouse of an Igor, a song and dance man extraordinaire with a migrating hump. “Together Again for the First Time” is a toe-tapping romp featuring Bray and Evans, wonderful chemistry between the two, and some seriously fancy footwork."- Lori Schneider, The Catskill Chronicle

    Christine Howey-



    "...Jim Bray as the anvil salesman Charlie Cowell add(s) some well timed humorous touches..."- Christine Howey, Rave and Pan




    Jo An Rosen,



    “Best of all is Jim Bray, as the wayward soldier, Billy. With a full range of emotions, he convincingly portrays a young boy from Tennessee who knows nothing about women or the world, and ultimately finds himself too frightened to go to war.”- Jo An Rosen, nytheatre.com 



    "Jim Bray gave nicely textured performances as both psychiatrists who were treating Diana."- Roy Berko